31 Jan

Bonnitta Roy’s “Awakened Perception” and Integral Deep Listening

  Joseph Dillard Abstract Bonnitta Roy anchors both perception and the self in the participation of mind, body, and brain in a phenomenalistic and integral redefinition of both self and experience. The result is a call for sensory clarity, as generated by extreme meditative, sport, and musical direct perception, as a prerequisite to authentic human relating. To this formulation Integral Deep Listening (IDL) adds an emphasis on a collectively-oriented, experiential and multi-perspectival phenomenology that demonstrates the necessity of the cultivation of morality and...

27 Sep

Nidra: The Yoga of Dreamless Sleep

In Hinduism, both relaxation training and lucid deep sleep are called yoga nidra. There are various yogis that teach the former, few produce students that can maintain long periods of delta brain waves associated with deep sleep while being able to report events during that period, with conscious awareness. As we shall see, this is a functional definition of lucid deep sleep, and this is the variety of nidra yoga that we are addressing here. In this practice awareness exists...