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The very existence of our dreams challenges every assumption we have about who we are, why we are alive and what is the meaning and purpose of our life. When we learn to approach our life challenges from the perspectives of dreams themselves, our dramas, misery, and suffering melts away.


Meditation moves you into higher states of wakefulness thanatomimetically. By teaching you how to die and to be fully alive at the same time. you transform consciousness itself. Learn simple techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things.


“IDL” stands for “Integral Deep Listening.” IDL is a type of dream yoga that notes the dreamlike nature of life and emphasizes lucidity in whatever state of consciousness you happen to be in at the moment. Here you will find articles on the relationship between IDL and the wisdom traditions of the world. At IntegralDeepListening.Com learn how to use its powerful tools to move into greater lucidity, awake or asleep.



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The dream of your life, awake or asleep, offers you extraordinary tools for enlightenment


Dream Yoga is Lucid living Awake within the dream of your life Your psychospiritual path to healing, balancing and transforming your life


Integral: All quadrant, all stages all states, all lines all types Deep: Transpersonal Listening: With humility, respect and clarity


Dream yoga not just for lucid dreaming but lucid living today, now Multi-perspectival dream, life issue, and synchronicity interpretation Oversight of your integral life practice


Awakening from your life script Cognitive clarity by transforming your emotional, rational and perceptual cognitive distortions Setting goals that reflect the priorities of life

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Need help healing relationships, solving problems, making decisions, discovering your life purpose? Want to learn how to use Integral Deep Listening to change your life — and/or the lives of others? Counseling via Skype Worldwide
Integral Deep Listening helped me to get know myself on a deeper level. I have learnt, that I can work with the feeling which remains after a dream and that I can transform a negative post dream feeling into a
Anna Powel
Joseph Dillard is a master therapist, teacher, and coach. I had been suffering from recurrent dreams and nightmares for over 25 years and went to Joseph for help. His Integral Deep Listening process helped me to recognize that the “characters”
Jerry Hansen
I want to thank you! I have been in a terror attack 9 years ago, and since then I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. For eight years I had nightmares every night. Usually I had at least four or five nightmares
Eva Delbora

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  • Eric Weinstein’s 4 Quadrant Model and the Kohlberg-Wilber Effect Eric Weinstein has developed a 4-quadrant model that throws light on how integralists have so managed to over-estimate their level of moral development.[1] It consists of two intersecting axes, one horizontal, an “x” axis, and one vertical, a “y” axis. On the “x” axis one places … Read more

  • Dream Sociometry, Dream Yoga, Integral, and World Views February 1, 2018
  • The following is the introduction to Dream Sociometry by Joseph Dillard, published by Routledge, 2018. Dream Sociometry is an integral life practice and yoga based on the sociometric methodologies created by psychiatrist J. L. Moreno, creator of psychodrama and multiple experiential forms of psychotherapy. Dream Sociometry interviews multiple dream characters or elements in a waking circumstance, such … Read more