What is Dreaming

Your dreams offer you an extraordinary tool for enlightenment. Their very existence challenges every assumption we are about who we are, why we are alive and what is the meaning or purpose of our life. Paradoxically, your dreams provide important, priceless objectivity because they see you differently from how you see yourself. This is a paradox, because your dreams are a subjective source of objectivity. This is extremely important, because normal, external sources of objectivity, such as parents, teachers, books, friends and even gurus do not know you and cannot know you as well as you know yourself. If you learn to tap into this internal, subjective source of objectivity you can use it to find your own unique path forward toward enlightenment. Dream Yogas are designed to help you do just that, and you will find many tools to support you on your way on this site and on IntegralDeepListening.Com