Just How Moral are Integralists?

Eric Weinstein’s 4 Quadrant Model and the Kohlberg-Wilber Effect Eric Weinstein has developed a 4-quadrant model that throws light on how integralists have so managed to over-estimate their level of moral development.[1] It consists of two intersecting axes, one horizontal, an “x” axis, and one vertical, a “y” axis. On the “x” axis one places … Read more

Dream Sociometry, Dream Yoga, Integral, and World Views

The following is the introduction to Dream Sociometry by Joseph Dillard, published by Routledge, 2018. Dream Sociometry is an integral life practice and yoga based on the sociometric methodologies created by psychiatrist J. L. Moreno, creator of psychodrama and multiple experiential forms of psychotherapy. Dream Sociometry interviews multiple dream characters or elements in a waking circumstance, such … Read more

Bonnitta Roy’s “Awakened Perception” and Integral Deep Listening

Joseph Dillard Abstract Bonnitta Roy anchors both perception and the self in the participation of mind, body, and brain in a phenomenalistic and integral redefinition of both self and experience. The result is a call for sensory clarity, as generated by extreme meditative, sport, and musical direct perception, as a prerequisite to authentic human relating. … Read more

Trickle-Down Spirituality

  Joseph Dillard joseph.dillard@Gmail.Com In this chapter from a forthcoming book, “Integral Ethics,” trickle-down spirituality is explained using an analogy to trickle-down economics, to delineate common forces within spiritual elites that unintentionally generate inequality and injustice. If these processes are not understood and addressed, even the best spiritual elites, including Integral, eventually collapse.  What does … Read more

Lucid Deep Sleep

Now that you can wake up in your dreams, now what?  What would it be like to be awake all the time, regardless of what state of consciousness that you are in? The above picture depicts the timeless, directionless plenum of space in which all form arises. The Buddhist word for this is Sunyata. We know … Read more

Using Dolphin Encounters

The big brains, curiosity, and extraordinarily social behavior of dolphins make them ideal subjects for the projection of human hopes and aspirations.  While it may be impossible to eliminate the human tendency to anthropomorphize completely, our fascination with dolphins has led to claims that they are more evolved than humans or that they even have … Read more

A New Model for the Treatment of Addiction

The Challenge of Addiction Treatment Anyone who has worked for many years in the treatment of addiction knows that treatment is complicated and multi-faceted and that the rate of relapse is high. The most effective solutions control the most variables for the longest amount of time, which basically means either voluntary or involuntary confinement for … Read more

Nidra: The Yoga of Dreamless Sleep

In Hinduism, both relaxation training and lucid deep sleep are called yoga nidra. There are various yogis that teach the former, few produce students that can maintain long periods of delta brain waves associated with deep sleep while being able to report events during that period, with conscious awareness. As we shall see, this is … Read more

Words that Keep You Stuck in Drama

Some words put you in the Drama Triangle, whether you speak them or think them. You can’t use them and stay out of the Drama Triangle. You can’t use them and have inner peace. They are to be avoided. Words that put you in the role of victim “Can’t” “Can’t” puts you into the role … Read more