Just How Moral are Integralists?

Eric Weinstein’s 4 Quadrant Model and the Kohlberg-Wilber Effect Eric Weinstein has developed a 4-quadrant model that throws light on how integralists have so managed to over-estimate their level of moral development.[1] It consists of two intersecting axes, one horizontal, an “x” axis, and one vertical, a “y” axis. On the “x” axis one places … Read more

Dream Sociometry, Dream Yoga, Integral, and World Views

The following is the introduction to Dream Sociometry by Joseph Dillard, published by Routledge, 2018. Dream Sociometry is an integral life practice and yoga based on the sociometric methodologies created by psychiatrist J. L. Moreno, creator of psychodrama and multiple experiential forms of psychotherapy. Dream Sociometry interviews multiple dream characters or elements in a waking circumstance, such … Read more