Trickle-Down Spirituality

  Joseph Dillard joseph.dillard@Gmail.Com In this chapter from a forthcoming book, “Integral Ethics,” trickle-down spirituality is explained using an analogy to trickle-down economics, to delineate common forces within spiritual elites that unintentionally generate inequality and injustice. If these processes are not understood and addressed, even the best spiritual elites, including Integral, eventually collapse.  What does … Read more

Jungian Psychology and Integral Deep Listening

Jungian Psychology Integral Deep Listening Therapy is necessary Practitioners do not diagnose or treat; they support access to emerging potentials, the application of their recommendations and teach tools for waking up. The goal of treatment is individuation, the integration of opposites Goal is a life directed by the priorities of life, not God, Self or … Read more

A Review of Ken Wilber’s Integral Life Practice

Ken Wilber and friends Terry Patten, Adam Leonard, and Marco Morelli have written a ground-breaking, powerful, and important guide to self-development. Subtitled, “A 21st Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spritual Awakening, Integral Life Practice answers the age-old question: “How do I know what to focus on in the limited time … Read more

Integral and the Myth of Progress

One of the alternative news sites I regularly visit is called ZeroHedge. It is geared toward an audience of financial gamblers, that is brokers, Wall Street financiers, bankers and other people who make obscene profits, essentially by leveraging other people’s money without adding any goods, services or creative contributions to society.[1] Made up of highly … Read more

“Aperspectival Madness:” Why and How AQAL Grossly Overestimates Your Level of Development

In his treatise, Trump and a Post-Truth World: An Evolutionary Self-Correction, Wilber frames the election of Trump and the explosive reaction to it that continues to this day as fallout from “aperspectival madness.” “Beginning over two decades ago, with the book Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, I summarized this postmodern disaster with the term “aperspectival madness”, because the … Read more

Dreaming as Viewed Through the Prism of Wilber’s Theory Of Art Criticism

Much of what Ken Wilber writes regarding the meaning of art, whether visual or literary, can be applied to dreams and dream interpretation. This is because dreams are innately an artistic production, an expression by dream consciousness of man’s inherent creativity. In art we find an easily accessible bridge between the waking delusion of dreaming … Read more

Wilber’s Integral AQAL

From Dream Yogas, Joseph Dillard. “What does Ken Wilber’s Integral AQAL say about dream yoga? How does it compare and contrast with Integral Deep Listening (IDL), in particular, one form of dream yoga?” What does “AQAL” mean? It is short for “all quadrants, all lines, all levels, states, and all types.” “Types” refer to the style in which you … Read more

Transactional Analysis

TA emphasizes intentionality and choice rather than emotional catharsis and psychic archaeology. In his education as a psychotherapist, Joseph Dillard was influenced much more powerfully by Transactional Analysis and cognitive therapy, including Ellis’ Rational Emotive Therapy, than he was by Gestalt or Moreno’s psychodrama, although he was trained in all four. The adaptation of the Drama … Read more

Freudian Psychoanalysis and IDL

What Do Freud and Psychology Have to Do With Dream Yoga? What do Freud and his offshoots in modern psychology, counseling, and coaching have to do with dream yoga? On the surface, relatively nothing at all. Most know nothing about yoga and are completely unaware of its empirical nature. Nor do they share the traditional … Read more