Dream Epistemology

The Johari Window breaks knowledge down into four categories:   “Known to Self” “Not Known to Self” “Known to Others” “Not Known to Others”   When you put these four together in a grid their intersections create four different types of knowledge: Developed in 1955 by Luft and Ingham, the Johari Window has usually been … Read more

Why did I have that monster in my dream?

What does it mean to say, “To the extent that others represent parts of yourself, to abuse or manipulate someone else is to do damage to the part of yourself that they represent”? Do others represent parts of yourself? Yes, based on at least three lines of reasoning. The first is an inference you can … Read more

When Is a Nightmare a Good Thing?

No one likes getting scared, whether during waking life or during a nightmare.  The problem is made even worse when we get scared for nothing – the “snake” is seen to only be a rope, we had the time right after all and we’re not late, or everyone finds our speech or performance was great.  … Read more

How You Are Killing Yourself In Your Dreams – And How to Stop

Stress is recognized as the number one proxy killer disease today. The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause of more than 60{be93f16b5d2e768a85ea81ebc8356f268811d3908838ae6233aa33d012b25ec9} of all human illness and disease. These include chronic fatigue, headaches, dizziness, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, irritability, anger, and panic disorders, decreased energy level, mood, and appetite, grinding teeth and … Read more

How Do Dream Characters Come to Be?

The Perspective of Chaos Theory From Transformational Dreamwork Think of how phenomena come trooping out of the Desert of Non-existence into this materiality. Morning and night, they arrive in a long line and take over from each other, “It’s my turn now.  Get out! Rumi How can a Clearly Prepersonal and Irrational Process Produce Transpersonal Results? … Read more

Sources of Resistance to Dreamwork

If we were to take the point of view of space aliens, we might find it strange that a species would spend so much energy watching and learning about celebrities that they hardly know and so little on the seemingly inexplicable creativity that erupts from within themselves every night. Why isn’t everybody doing dreamwork?  Reasons … Read more

Debunking Misunderstandings About Dreaming

I Can Interpret My Dreams Yes, you can, and you will most likely be embarrassingly wrong. This is because “you” did not create your dream.  Until you listen to the parts of yourself that did, you will probably be mostly projecting your own meanings and biases onto your dreams and pronouncing those to be what … Read more

Four Aspects of the Study of Dreams

From Transformational Dreamwork Joseph Dillard What are four basic approaches to understanding dreams and how can we use them to work with our own dreams more effectively? A. Narrative Analysis – Understanding the mind as revealed through dream interpretation. Since Joseph interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh, it has been assumed that waking awareness can accurately … Read more