Factors that Enhance Lucid Dreaming

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Dream recall is a prerequisite to dream lucidity.  It is generally assumed that you want to remember that you became lucid in a dream.

Meditation enhances lucidity by cultivating the clear witness.

Pre-sleep suggestion enhances lucidity by strengthening intention, particularly if those suggestions are vivid, repeated, and target specific aspects of the cultivation of lucidity.  Reading and talking about lucid dreaming also acts as a pre-sleep suggestion as does rehearsed visualizations of becoming lucid in one’s dreams such as looking at the back of your hands and telling yourself that you will look at them in your dreams and that when you do you will wake up within the dream.

Daytime questioning of the dreamlike nature of life also works as a form of incubation of lucidity.

Doing things that cause you to be more awake and aware in your waking life will make it more likely that you will be more awake and aware in your dreams.

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