Tibetan Dream Yoga


In order to make the time we spend dreaming more meaningful, we must first recognize that we are dreaming. That is the initial exercise. The next step is called transforming the dream; the third is known as multiplying. The fourth practice is to unify the dream with the clear light. Recognizing, transforming, multiplying and unifying the dream with the luminosity of the true nature; these four outline the essential applications of dream yoga.

Shugchang, et al. (2000: p.16)

Clear Light

prabhasvara, ‘od gsal

Also known as ‘inner radiance of mind as such’ (prabhasvaracitta), this term refers, in the context of the completion & perfection stage of Anuttarayogatantra, to the subtlest level of mind, which is the fundamental, essential nature of all our cognitive events.

Though ever present within all sentient beings, this inner radiance becomes manifest only when the gross mind has ceased to function. Such a dissolution is experienced by ordinary beings, naturally, at the time of death, but can also be experientially cultivated through Anuttarayogatantra techniques in meditation and specifically through yogic techniques applied during the interval between the dream and waking states of consciousness.

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