Methods to Induce Lucid Dreaming

Sun Hand

1) Open up to lucid dreaming. Allow the experience. Acquiesce to it on an inner level. Say to yourself, ” I allow myself to become consciously aware and lucid in my dreams.”

2) Accept it as a natural experience that thousands of ordinary people are doing every night, and enjoying on many levels. You may say to yourself, “I accept my natural ability to become consciously aware and lucid in my dreams.”

3) Anticipate it — anticipate your amazement when you become aware and lucid in your dream! You may wish to say with a smile, “I look forward to becoming consciously aware and lucid in my dreams.”

4) If you feel any hesitancy, then delve into those feelings or thoughts. Try to uncover the underlying concern or reticence.

Waggoner, Robert, An Introduction to Inducing Lucid Dreams.

The Carlos Casteneda approach for inducing lucid dreaming (“Journey to Ixtlan”)

1) Sit in your bed, and tell yourself that you are leaving behind the cares and concerns of the day, and are becoming more settled.

2) Look softly at your hands, and as you do so, tell yourself in a caring manner that, “Tonight while I am dreaming, I will see my hands and realize that I am dreaming.”

3) Continue to softly look at your hands and mentally repeat the affirmation, “Tonight while I am dreaming, when I see my hands, I will realize that I am dreaming.”

4) Don’t be bothered if your eyes cross, or you begin to get tired, remain at peace and continue to repeat slowly and gently your intent to become lucid.

5) After about five minutes or once you feel too tired or sleepy, quietly end the practice.

6) Gently remind yourself of your intention to see your hands in a dream and then realize that you are dreaming, and go to sleep.

7) When you wake up in the middle of the night, gently recall your intention to see your hands and realize that you are dreaming. Try to remember your last dream; did you see your hands?

8) Followed faithfully each night ( with a welcoming mental atmosphere ), you should have a lucid dream within the first week – maybe after only one or two nights!

9) When it happens, and suddenly you see your hands in your dreams and you make the connection, “This is a dream!”, try to stay calm and explore the dream environment. Later, when you wake from your lucid dream, take a moment and write it down in your dream journal — write the entire dream; how you realized you were dreaming; what you did while aware that you were dreaming, etc. Congratulations!

Waggoner, Robert, An Introduction to Inducing Lucid Dreams.

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