Dream Politics


Dream Politics asks, “How is power most effectively used to wake up?”

Dream Politics considers multiple varieties of power, for example, social (political and organizational) power, cultural (groupthink), personal (intention, preferences, charisma, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, fixated), and intrapersonal (interviewed perspectives). It also considers uses and misuses, ethical and non-ethical expressions of power and how they block or support greater degrees of wakefulness for ourselves, others and the world.

“Dream” refers not only to the way that power is expressed in our dreams, from which we can learn a great deal, but also from the fact that our external, waking, mundane reality is a dream or a delusion in that we limit our power based on assumptions we make and the world view that we hold.  IDL does not believe that dreaming or delusions are optional, but it does believe greater clarity and wakefulness regarding how we relate to and use power is always possible.

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