The mind uses distinctions to do work in the world. These discriminations are best when used to help us get out of our own way so that we can integrate our priorities with those of life itself. Each of the following realms of knowledge and human experience is a window onto the four quadrants of consciousness, values, behavior and relationships; each one makes important recommendations about how best to climb the ladder of development in order to first realize our potentials and then to transcend our sense of who we are. Each one is a perspective not only on life and how to live it but on Integral Deep Listening. Each one is rather like a dream character or personification of one or more important life issues which, when “interviewed,” expands not only our understanding of IDL but of who we are, where we are on our path, what to avoid and what next steps to take.

We honor and respect all these paths; we are blessed that we live at a time that we have access to them and can sit at the feet of so many wise men and women.

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