Dream Yoga

21 Sep

What is Transpersonal Development?

We all want to get enlightened, but how? Development is like a spiral staircase, with multiple “floors” or landings where you can stop, relax, or stay for the rest of your life. But having a map of the entire process can help you see where you are and what the next step is in your movement to lucidity whether awake or dreaming, to clarity and enlightenment. Here is an overview of the major stages, basic associated characteristics and associations. A fuller...

21 Sep

What Is Clear Light?

The mind is empty of mind; For the mind’s nature is clear light. Astasahasrika prajñaparamita sutra In Tibetan Dream Yoga the Clear Light is “The subtlest level of mental activity (mind), which continues with no beginning and no end, without any break, even during death and even into Buddhahood. It is individual and constitutes the mental continuum of each being. It is naturally free of conceptual cognition, the appearance-making of true existence, and grasping for true existence, since it is more subtle than the...

21 Sep

What Is Enlightenment?

So, why aren’t you enlightened? You’ve read the books, you’ve gone to workshops, you’ve learned and practiced meditation. Let’s look at the standard answers to this question and show why they are non-answers. We will then look at how your barriers to enlightenment probably lie  in what your understanding of enlightenment is and is not. Finally, we will look at what it takes to become enlightened and how Integral Deep Listening (IDL) supports that process. Why Most Explanations for Why You...