Breath Anchoring

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), the most validated form of psychotherapy in the early 21st century, demonstrates that irrational thoughts create feelings of depression and anxiety while rational thoughts create feelings of confidence and trust that lead to accomplishment and improved relationships. I have used CBT as part of a program for self-transformation with clients and … Read more

Using Your Breath to Get Unstuck

You can use your breath to change your life. However you are stuck in your everyday world, your breath is there to teach you how to get unstuck. For whatever problem you have, your breath can help you with it. Your breath is a microcosm of your day and your life. The following description will … Read more

Naming Meditation

Awareness is the substrate of all experience.  If you want to change something, you must first become aware of it.  You cannot change something that you are not aware of.  However, things that you are not aware of can and do change you, and that can be a problem. Awareness is value neutral.  Simply by … Read more

The Five Trees and Meditation

This short text will not tell you when or how often to meditate.  It will not tell you how to sit, whether to have your eyes open or closed, whether you need a quiet space, whether to use your breath, the wall, a flame, a picture, or an inner image or color as a centering … Read more