A “dream yoga” is a transformational discipline which focuses on awakening. Narrowly defined, dream yogas teach lucid dreaming, meditative clarity while dreaming and while deeply asleep. The general premise is that if we wake up out of delusional and unconscious awareness while dreaming and asleep we are more likely to see through our waking delusions and move toward enlightenment faster. Examples are Tibetan Dream Yoga and Nidra yoga.

Broadly defined, dream yogas teach awakening from filtered, delusional or simply confused misperceptions of oneself, others and life in any and all states – dreaming, deep sleep, waking, vision quests, meditation, near death and mystical experiences. Integral Deep Listening (IDL), which is discussed on this site and also at IntegralDeepListening.Com is an example of a more encompassing  understanding of Dream Yoga, since it includes lucid dreaming and deep sleep as well as waking and altered states of consciousness. The general premise of such dream yogas is that our waking consciousness generally determines that of our dreams. For example, if a child has a lucid dream she will be aware that she is dreaming within her level of development as a child. Similarly, if you “wake up” in a dream, your freedom, lucidity and clarity will be determined and limited by your current level of waking development. As you learn to wake up out of your delusions, scripting and drama and into clarity in your waking life, whatever lucidity you achieve while asleep will be clearer, broader and more inclusive level because you, the dreamer, the perceiver of all you experience, are more awake.

Therefore, dream yogas such as IDL focus on strategies to reduce barriers to awakening, such as scripting, immersion in drama and recognizing and reducing ways of thinking that create misery. IDL also teaches tools for generating clear, selfless, transpersonal awareness. These include meditation, pranayama and the development of multi-perspectivalism through IDL interviewing of dream characters and the personifications of life issues of importance to you. All of these tools and others are explained in posts here and on IntegralDeepListening.Com.

Yogas are much more than conceptual frameworks; they are integral life practices that you must take up and use daily if you seek transformation and enlightenment. To this end both these sites offer various tools to support you along your unique path. Please share your experiences! By doing so you help others and contribute to the awakening of humanity.